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FAQ's - Virtual Assistants

1) Can I get an exclusive team of VA’s for my business?

Yes. You can get an exclusive team to work for your business. Within your team, we will select a team leader and you can communicate everyday to organize the work and get status reports.

2) We are very small start-up company. Will you work with us?

Absolutely. We work many small person companies & family run firms and have helped them grow larger.  We same attention to all our clients. Please do not hesitate to ask us, even if you are very small.

3) Before I start, I need to speak to my virtual assistant to find if they will suit me. Is that possible?

Yes. You can speak to the proposed candidate and find if he/she will suit your exact needs.

4) I am looking for some one with a combination of skills. Do you have such people?

We have people who handle multiple tasks. For example, we have accounting staff who handle admin plus customer support. Call center agents who also manage admin, bookkeeping and so on. If you can let us know about your exact requirement and your business, we will find the best match. However, it is not possible to for anyone to have every possible skill. But, we can always train your VA for any of your custom tasks.
One other important aspect about us is that we work as a team and if you require any specialist skill (e.g. SEO) your VA will get your work done taking help from other team members.  So you will get a complete coverage of all the skills that is required to successfully run your business.

5) I need a team only during a particular season. How quickly can you get me a team? 

We have a large pool of trained virtual assistants in multiple disciplines. We can easily meet any of your demands even on a very short notice. We have the infrastructure ready to add large numbers in a short notice.

6) How can you offer virtual assistants at incredibly low prices?

All our virtual assistants work from our offshore operations centre at India. Our location is a highly respected educational city and produces about 20,000 graduates each year in various disciplines. It gives us an incredible advantage to choose the top candidates at highly competitive rates. We pass our benefits directly to you.

7) What are the facilities available at your work place?

We have state of the art centers. Our multiple offices are located centrally in the city and are well connected by road, rail and air. The facilities offered to our employees are best in the industry and it includes above industry average pay, free transportation, recreation, insurance benefits and so on. All this helps us to keep our employees happy and keep the attrition rate very low.

8) How secure are your facilities? What about data protection?

Your data protection and privacy is of paramount importance to us and we take every possible effort to ensure your 100% peace of mind. Here is a list of measure that we take to ensure data protection.
1) All our staff must sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
2) Every staff member will go through pre screening and criminal record checks before commencing employment with us.
3) No access to removable media like CD, DVD and printers
4) Manned security at all our facilities, closed circuit television and individual PC monitoring.
Our secure high end servers are located in USA and we also do disaster recovery process as per the criticality of the requirement.

9) Do I have to agree on a long term binding contract? How flexible are you?

We clearly understand that outsourcing services are based on a mutually co-operative and successful engagement of both parties. We believe in flexibility and so do not want to tie-in our clients with any binding long term contracts. However, if you require a long-term contract, we are happy to do so.

10) I would like to visit your office, meet the people who will work for me and give them hands-on training? Is this possible?

Yes. Please feel free to visit our offices, look at our facilities, and spend time with the team and book training sessions. We will make every effort to make your trip very useful.

11) How can I start the service? How long will it take?

Just contact us with your requirements. We will respond to you within 8 hours (Often in minutes) to discuss the specifics. Once we understand your exact requirements, we will pick the right candidate(s) straightaway. The whole process will take approximately 1-7 days and this will vary depending on your need.

USA: 412 267 1529





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