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  • Paralegal staff and lawyers are available as virtual assistants
  • Team of legal experts to assist you in preparation, planning & more

Some of the tasks

  • Document review, coding & indexing
  • Preparation of contracts and agreements 
  • Paralegal & secretarial services
  • Litigation, claims processing
  • On-line filing & tracking
  • Legal research, opinion

List of services

Document management

  • Sorting of documents
  • Indexing of documents to make them  easily retrievable
  • Legal codingĀ 
  • Document review

Contract preparation

  • Preparation of agreements & contracts
  • Commercial contracts, lease deeds
  • Validation & checking of documents

Secretarial services

  • Assist attorneys in Preparation of briefs and pleadings, depositions & trial summaries
  • Legal transcription
  • Follow-up & general correspondence with clients, replies, court officers or any other agencies
  • On-line filing & tracking of cases

Legal research & analysis

  • Legal research from databases & other sources
  • Litigation & non litigation research
  • Case laws research
  • Analysis of relevant issues

Legal Opinions

  • Legal opinions on various commercial litigations, real estate, insurance, accident & injury
  • Legal advice & case preparation based on precedence, if any

Who can use our legal virtual assistants?

  • Law firms
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Title agencies
  • Legal transcription companies
  • Legal research firms
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