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On-line Retailers - Increase your profits

Virtual Assistants for online & eBay retailers
  • Get a trained virtual assistant(s) to support your online business
  • 50% or more savings
  • Man your site with live staff - 24/7
  • Let experts handle your back-office & customer support, while you plan to expand your online empire

Our services include

  1. 24/7 fulfillment staff for your Website
  2. Expertise in online selling tools and process
  3. Front end customer support & helpdesk (Chat, email, call handling)
  4. Bookkeeping, accounting & other admin tasks
  5. Banner design, website maintenance & presentations

List of our services for online sellers

  1. Front-end customer support (Chat, Call)
  2. Update shopping cart products and prices everyday
  3. Customer support by e-mail
  4. Sort out everyday e-mails and reply or order products
  5. Compare and update competitor products and prices
  6. Crop and upload right images and pictures
  7. Web text and image updating  
  8. On-line ordering of products and delivery support
  9. Manage vendors and any discrepancy between the order and product delivery
  10. Maintain product and pricing information in Website/shopping cart
  11. Manage/resolve customer complaints
  12. Bookkeeping & Accounting related tasks
  13. Daily accounts reconcile / banner design
  14. Issue on-line gift coupons
  15. Ledger maintenance
  16. Journal entries
  17. Reconciliation
  18. Send PO’s to vendors
  19. Manage accounts payable, receivable (A/P, A/R)
  20. Contact vendors for accounting information to reconcile
  21. Inventory accounting
  22. Maintain inventory records
  23. Payroll
  24. Report (profit and loss etc)
  25. IT Support
  26. Web design, development, maintenance, data base and enhancements
  27. E- commerce, content management systems, flash and multimedia
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virtual Assistant Networking
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